Managing ships is not an easy task. Ship management includes several tasks which are to be carried out before, during and after the operation of the ship. Our experience & well established knowledge form the main core of our activities. We have derived an advanced system containing the basic tools, for the Structure and Operations, in each one of the main 10 Departments, necessary to ascertain the stability, performance and functionality  needed in an established Shipping Company worldwide.

The deep knowledge of  Ship Management is a heritage delivered to us from Generation to Generation from the Shipping Business of the Aspiotis and Angelikoussis families.

Our Worldwide Ship Management activities have expanded, over the years, from South America to Asia and from the African continent to Australia, with a network of  head offices in Piraeus, London and New York.

The Command of Vessels, the Operations, the Technical Dept., the Chartering, the Procurement, the Crewing, the Legal Dept, the Fleet Dept, the Safety & Security, the Sales & Purchase of vessels including the New buildings, the IT Dept, etc. are supported by an exceptional team of specialists with a range of established merits. We always deploy our full set of experience and knowledge and we are constantly update and upgrade our services.


The activities of Surveys commenced in 1985, acting on behalf of NA.SH.A. Inc on board Panama Flag Vessels and we continued with other Classifications and Organizations, like the P.M.D.S. etc.

They were mostly National Classifications and Organizations, in order to complete the gaps in many Technical matters which were left from the big international Classifications.

We created a worldwide network of our Surveyors, at major Ports and Countries.

We added activities of Surveys for Vessels and any type of Floating Constructions for many other Flag States, with the State Classifications of each country.

We carry out Statutory Surveys for approximately 25 Flag States worldwide on behalf of 11 National & International Classifications.

In 1990 commenced the Safety Inspections on behalf the PMA, (New York office) and P+I Clubs and gradually for another 6 Maritime Administrations


Our long time multi and “vast” experience in the International Shipping & Maritime Business fields, together with our worldwide Associates in Piraeus, New York, London and elsewhere, give us the capability to contribute in the Development and Implementation of almost any Project, including the Project Management.

Our relations with the International Financial sources of Banking & Funding Institutions, as well as with International Sources for “Grants” contributes is the success of each Project.

Projects of L.N.G. New building’s Carriers.

Projects in various forms of Energy (Green Energy included).

Projects in various multi-fields of Shipping.

The International Shipping & Maritime Investments form a never ending loop of activities and transformations.


The Development, Establishment and Implementation in full Operation of Merchant Marine Ministry, in an e-Administrative Form in the Capital of a country, is expanding the Reputation and the Benefits of any country at extremely high levels, in the International Political scheme of Organizations and Financial forums.

Benefits of such achievement:

  • Upgrading the Reputation of a country, at the various Organizations of U.N.
  • Upgrading the Reputation of a country in the International Shipping, Maritime and Financial Forums and Organizations.
  • The country would attract Bigger Trading Benefits.
  • This contribute in the country’s Revenue with incomes in Hard Currency.
  • This would decrease the un-employment rates in many professions of the working classes.
  • The Exported & Imported products can be better controlled in rates, times, etc.
  • Many local businessmen would be activated more drastically within the market of the country.

Such investment is a real booming expansion for any country, where sky is the limit.

Such a Vision must be an objective for any country.

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Consultants Worldwide Since 1876, Panama Authorized Surveyors Inc.

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