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ANAX Shipping SA.
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For more than one and a half century our activities, starting from ship management, have continuously expanded to a wider range, including specialized Technical and Investment Shipping ventures. We are facing today’s challenges with the experience and history of a long list of Shipping Projects, developed and executed by our Global Network.

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Managing ships is not an easy task. Ship management includes several tasks which are to be carried out before, during and after the operation of the ship. Our mission is to offer you the most advanced and integrated services modern shipping has to offer.



Core Activity

Ships are put under enormous stress throughout their working lives. We make sure that these ships retain the rigidity and stability, while we check that their structure is not in any way compromised throughout their working life.



We believe that revenue oriented maritime asset investments through the years, offer a unique combination of benefits. Thanks to deep knowledge of the shipping markets our Group is regarded as a reliable consultant for investors willing to invest in Shipping.

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