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Shipping became easy with us

Starting from the middle of the 19th Century with:

Captain  Konstantis Angelikoussis  (1835)

Captain Sideris Aspiotis  (1849–1909)

Captain Nikolas Angelikoussis  (1881–1941)

Captain Konstantis Aspiotis  (1900–1942)

Ch.Engineer Konstantis Angelikoussis (1912–1943)

Captain Sideris Aspiotis (1920–1988)

& Mrs Eugenia Angelikoussis (1937–1981)

Today, Mr. Constantine Aspiotis (head) and his two successors are in charge of our global network.

The company is able to offer a wide range of ship management and marine transportation services to our clients, including day to day operational functions. In addition, we run a worldwide network of surveyors, at major Ports and Countries. Our modern status fully complies with the most demanding requirements and in accord to the Worldwide shipping businesses & orgnizations.

Our expertise spans the complex chain of maritime industry from advanced systems, to specialized projects and investments, aiming to achieve outstanding performance and stability to our customers. We strive for:

  • The Development, Establishment and Implementation in full Operation of Merchant Marine Ministry.
  • Actively participating and leading research & development projects.
  • We make substantial investments in operational technical, and financial infrastructure, while striving for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. 

Selected Projects over the years

Anax Projects

Project for “Production of High Technology Panels & Multi-modal Constructions” (1985).

Two Multi-modal “Tourist & Shipping project complexes” for a Caribbean and a Mediterranean country (1985 & 1987).

Conversion of a Tanker vessel, DWT 80,000 to a Floating Cement Packing Plant (1987)

Feasibility studies for three (3) “Floating Marina Projects” with a capacity of 300 yachts, 650 yachts and 1500 yachts (1987 & 1988).

Conversion of a General Cargo vessel, DWT 14,700 to a Container vessel (1989).

Feasibility study for the new building of 50 Fishing Trawlers (high open seas) and for 10 Reefer vessels, DWT 7,000 second-hand (1989)

Feasibility study for the whole Greek passenger lines and some international passenger lines for using High Technology Vessels (1989-1990).

Conversion of a Navy shipyard to a conventional shipyard (Black Sea, 1990)

Conversion of a military shipyard to a conventional shipyard’s production (3 workshops out of 14) and in a commercial port services (Baltic Sea, 1990).

“Facilities planning” and “Projects planning” for a repair’s shipyard (Baltic Sea, 1990).

“Operating cost reduction plans”, “Energy saving designs” and Facilities planning” for two (2) repairs shipyards (Baltic Sea, 1990).

“Analysis and Designs” for High Technologies Vessels (H.T.V.) in a Navy shipyard (Black Sea, 1991).

“Specialization of a shipyard” for scrap vessels and reconditions of engines (Black Sea, 1991).

“Specialization of three (3) shipyards” (Black Sea, 1991).

“Specialization of a shipyard” (Germany, 1992).

“Specialization of a shipyard” (W. Europe, 1992).

“Specialization of a shipyard” for motor yachts (Greece, 1992).

Conversion of four self-propelled river barges to coastal general cargoes (1993).

Feasibility study for a “Multi-modal Transport System” in an African Port (1993 & 1994).

Administrative project for a West Pacific country for “Flag’s Registration of vessels for Foreign Owners” (1993-1994).

Administrative project for an Africa country for “Flag’s Registration of vessels for Foreign Owners” (1994).

Administrative project for a South American country for “Flag’s Registration of vessels for Foreign Owners” (1994).

Administrative project for an Asian country for establishment of a “Classification Society” (1994).

Rules & Regulations for Port Authorities for 7 ports (1994).

Administrative project for four ports in Africa for “Organization of Port Authority” (1994).

“Technology Transfer Projects” related to Maritime & Shipping matters, for 8 companies for establishment and expansion (1986 to 1994).

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